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lotsremark Projekte ist ein unabhängiger Kunstraum von Janine Stoll & Harald Kraemer 2012 in Basel gegründet. Seit 2014 sind wir auch in Hongkong aktiv. Ausstellungen und deren Vermittlung wie in Kunstpublikationen oder Workshops bilden unsere Anliegen.

Im Rahmen unseres Artist-in-Residence-Programms bieten wir Atelier, Wohnraum und eine Ausstellungsmöglichkeit an und fördern den kulturellen Austausch mit den Herkunftsländern der Künstler*innen.

Founded in 2012 in Basel by Janine Stoll & Harald Kraemer. lotsremark Projekte is also active in Hong Kong since 2014. It is a non-profit independent space promoting cultural exchange between Switzerland and abroad. As a platform for artistic production and art publications lotsremark invites artists to its artist-in residence programme wich is providing studio, as well as living and exhibition space. In addition to the exhibitions, lotsremark develops a suitable offer of art education and also workshops for kids and adults.

Janine Stoll studied History of Art, Philosophy and Theology at University of Bern. Her dissertation about Marcel Broodthaers‘ main work La Salle Blanche was published in 2018 and shows her research interest in the relationship between word and image and conceptual practice. She has a teaching Diploma teaching art and history of Art. In collaboration with different artists and institutions for example Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg or Museum Franz Gertsch she has organized workshops and curated exhibitions. For several years now, she has been involved in expanding cultural exchange and setting up the Artist in Residency programme. She lives in Basel. 

Harald Kraemer is an art scholar, curator and designer with a focus on media and museums. He studied art history in Trier and museum studies in Vienna. During his doctorate on the subject of museum informatics and digital collections, he developed Collection/Museum Management Systems and produced several interactive media for museums. He has curated and designed over 80 exhibitions including ISEA2016 Hong Kong, The Age of Experience (2015/2016), Future Memories. Utopia Dystopia Nature (2021). Since 2012 he has been a tenured Senior Lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts. Currently he is Curator at the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery. He lives in Hong Kong.