samuel adam swope.
12. juni – 1. juli 2017

Currents entstand während einem einmonatigen Arbeitsaufenthalt in Basel


2012  |  paper, aluminium, rubber wheels, brushless DC motors, digital and analog electronic parts/circuits, LIPO and DC batteries, aluminium tripods, hardware, pulley belt  |  10 m x (variable)

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→ is a guerrilla performance with urban behaviors. The work looks into the ritual of flyer distribution in Hong Kong. Such phenomenon can be reduced to a three part formula: Input, obstruction by the distributor; Process, the confronted decides between engagement and avoidance; Output, action. This public performance challenges social reflexes by replacing the cue with the ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→ apparatus in everyday interactions. Assembled full length, the 10 meter handmade apparatus can launch 30 paper airplanes in 7 seconds.

The public location chosen for the happening was Fo Tan, Hong Kong, an industrial district where workers flock towards their jobs. On the morning of June 5, 2012, the apparatus length was shortened for a covert operative. Flying and descending paper airplanes, which were rapidly launched for just over 45 minutes, met the workers ascending the valley towards their daily job.

The choreographed rooftop performance and the actions recorded at street level were documented through video. The footage was composed into a 16 minute short, which tells the story and experience of the social and spatial intervention, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→.

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→  |  short film (Performance June 5th, 2012, Hong Kong) | HD video, stereo  |  00:16:26

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→  |  edition  |  laser engraved tin container, handmade insert, digitally printed DVD, laser engraved metal flash drive, master file and additional background imagery  |  HD video, stereo  |  00:16:26 & variable time

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→  |  drawing  |  pencil on archival paper, framed, museum glass  |  122 x 96 cm

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→  |  drawing  |  set of 4  |  pencil on archival paper, framed, museum glass  |  34 x 30 cm

ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→  |  2017  |  edition  |  set of 2 archival prints mounted on aluminum  |  51 x 34 cm